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Curb the Gas Guzzling

Owning a car is a great privilege but paying for it is not always the best part. The increase in gas prices along with the oil changes and tire rotations cost most consumers hundreds or thousands more each year. The consumption of gas is probably the most expensive part of car ownership. To save some money at the pump, here are some things you can do.

  1. Always keep your gas tank at least half full. If you do this it will help the efficiency of your vehicle and it will not appear as though you are pouring out so much money to drive your car.
  2. It is a gas saver to turn off the engine for 20-30 seconds rather than having it idle for that time. Some people have even been known to turn off the engine at stop lights.
  3. Be a smart driver. The more you have to brake and refuel to get going again, the more gas you will waste. Try hard to ease into breaking so that you still have more momentum when you need to pick up the speed again.
  4. When you have the chance, for example going down a hill, put your car into neutral and let it coast down the hill. Use gravity and natural forces to help you save money.
  5. Use the cruise. If traffic is pretty open and you cannot foresee hitting the brakes very often it is probably wise to put on the cruise control. This keeps your car running at a constant speed without having to really accelerate. The acceleration needs more gas than keeping a constant speed.
  6. Empty out your trunk if you can. Only have the necessities with you at all times. Lugging around useless wait is a real gas waster. Take with you what you need and get the rest out.
  7. During the summer or on any hot day, park in the shade to keep it cooler in your car. This will prevent you from having to use the air conditioning as much. The air conditioning does assist in keeping you cooler and it also helps you to empty your wallet. Only use the a/c when you need it.

Reduce Your Car Premium

All motor vehicle users are required to have insurance cover for their automobiles. It thus makes a lot of sense to find ways and means making some savings from what you pay to your insurance firm. There are many hinting tips which would go a long way in assisting every car owner to reduce his or her budget on car insurance cover, thereby saving money for other family requirements. It does, however, depend on individual situations that one finds himself or herself.
As it may sound obvious, it is imperative that you should shop around in search of the cheapest insurance rates among the insurance firms around you. Remember that not all insurance firms air their advertisements in the media, or send you unsolicited mails in your mail box every other week. It suffices to note that there are several hundreds of insurance enterprises out there with very attractive and affordable insurance rates, but are hardly seen on Television or even heard over the radio. As a matter of fact, insurance companies which do not advertise frequently are found to offer low rate insurance policies.

One way of recognizing such good insurance firms is by asking friends about their car insurance operator and their charges. Other ways include searching on the internet to find out about them in addition to your own physical window shopping. Some insurance firms do give a discounted rate to a new client if he or she was referred by another existing client. In this way you can rely on trusted opinion of your good friends regarding the company’s ethics as well. If you choose to search online, it may be worthwhile looking at the State Insurance Department to find out which firm is rated as the Automobile best, standard or poorest among motor insurance firms. The more research you carry, the more likelihood that you will find a good, but cheap insurance firm with insurance policy cover to suits your needs.

As you think and continue to evaluate about how to economize on insurance premiums, it is first and foremost, to think about the type of car you intend to purchase. Do not forget that different car models attract varying insurance premiums. You should thus, get to acquire many quotations from different companies regarding the type of car you would wish to purchase and the amount of premium attached to the model in question. Expensive automobiles carry higher premiums, so are certain colored vehicle models in addition to powerful sports cars. One other strategy that one can adopt in order to save money on car insurance is by having one company to insure both your car as well as your house. This will give you some bargaining power, which may help you in saving money in the long term.


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